Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Wanderlust Wednesdays

I have a secret obsession I need to admit to.. I am a Wanderlust-er... ( is that a word?)  I find myself spending hours on my computer planning trips and yelping all kinds of new foods to try in all kinds of new destinations.. and then doing it all over again with a new location.  Often times I think about how many pounds I'd gain from all the delish food in Italy. How long is too long to spend out in private-over-the-water bungalow in Bora Bora?
I thought I was crazy but I recently read a great article on the every girl (here) and I do the same thing.  

I'll wanderlust all week and then spend the weekend doing things inspired by that weeks "destination".  My husband and I will find a new dish and put it to test - we love trying new cuisines.  We'll even lounge around on a lazy morning and watch hours of YouTube travel vlogs.  But is there really a substitute to just going there?

My husband and I went to a beautiful resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico two years ago for our honeymoon.  It was the best vacation we've ever had. The resort was amazing, the service was phenomenal and the food was just incredible.  My husband usually gets home sick shortly after he arrives on vacation but this place left us both dragging our feet when we had to return home.  We had then decided to make traveling a priority but life always passes you by and sometimes too fast too soon. We were initially so overwhelmed with work and family life that we found no time to travel but eventually started to get cabin fever. We needed to get away!

January 2015 we took a long weekend trip to celebrate the hubbys birthday in DC.

Later that year in March we spend our anniversary weekend exploring NYC.

Memorial Day Weekend we took a road trip to Montreal.

Earlier this year, in January we took a trip to San Diego for my husband's birthday. ( Retiring on the west coast should have been part of my #goaldigger blog post!) 

Where will we go next? Leave me some suggestions in the comments!

Stay Tuned for my #WanderlustWednesdays posts.

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