Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Three Things Thursday

There are so many times when I have so many random little things I’d like to share with you all but don’t necessarily call for an entire blog post. I came across Nisha’s blog @lovelaughmirch and absolutely fell in love with the idea.  Love Laugh Mirch, Pink Chai Living, and The Write Balance have started a tag where they share three random thoughts every Thursday.  

{ O N E }

My Planner décor 
Can you tell I’m obsessed with lipsticks this week: 

{ TW O }

Speaking of lip colors – here’s a swatch of my new favorite lip stain and lip liner. I recently went splurging on lipsticks at Sephora – my package should be here in the next day or so [whoohoo] 


 { T W O  and a half? }
Has anyone had any luck trying on or picking up any of the colors from the new Anastasia Beverly Hills lip stains? I’ve been to 4 different Sephora’s and Macys with no luck. I’m dying to try on Crush and Kathryn.

{ T H R E E }
I like to use Sundays to meal plan and prep for the rest of the week. Lunch and dinner, and sometimes breakfast included because my work hours can be rather demanding some days.  I was so busy last weekend and completely exhausted by the time 
Sunday night rolled around that I wasn’t able to prep anything at all.  I came home last night and was pretty much out of ideas and needed to spice things up…. Check out my Asian Tuna Burger topped with an avocado tomato salad and a side of a loaded sweet potato | Yum! | ( I may want this again for dinner tonight) 


Leave me a comment if you’d like to see the recipe for my latest creation in the kitchen.  

My husband and I chose to eat healthy with occasional splurges on date nights but we won’t settle for boring food either. There are a million and one things on this planet and I love to sit down to dinner with a new creative plate every night.

Xo|  Happiness never goes out of style  | xo

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