Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Time Out Tuesday

1.  November 8th, 2016: Election Night!

Hold on tight America – your fate is being decided today.  I’m not a political person and hate to get into debates over politics unless you’re my husband of course… Regardless of what party you stand for – I encourage everyone but more so my ladies – all you beautiful woman have to stop complaining about how unequal equal pay is, or how you’re publicly shamed for breastfeeding your child, or how other countries allow women YEARS off for maternity leave and some of us have to go back in just a few weeks’ time to put food on the table, and the list goes on but if you’re not voting you’re not doing anything to change your situation.  Less than 100 years ago women didn’t even have the right to vote!!  Hit the polls before it’s too late. Do it to honor those that worked day and night to make it happen. Regardless of who you vote for or how you may feel - Hillary has made history.  Maybe one day you or your daughter could be President of the United States of America. 

2.  Dining Room Make Over!
Currently obsessed with redoing my entire apartment but took on my dining room as a fall project. With the holidays being right around the corner, West Elm and ZGallerie will not stop emailing with me elegant decor and over-the-top hosting ideas... #homedecorgoals My tiny 700 square foot apartment does not allow for any of these elaborate dinner tables but they’re just so gorgeous... I’m working on recreating these for our tiny home; I’ll do a full post on the update process soon.  I hope to be done before Thanksgiving. 


3.  De-cluttering.

Previously mentioned that my apartment is only 700 square feet.  I think I’ve just been in denial that the storage place was so limited and kept forcing things to fit behind closet and cabinet doors.  I forgot about so many things we received as wedding presents, so many things we’d purchased on our honeymoon, and so many pairs of shoes and clothing items I owned.  They’ve been pushed to the back of my closet but really what purpose is any of that serving me? I’m taking a small area of our apartment each weekend and purging things into 3 categories: Donation, Toss, and Re-purpose.  I initially tried to stay away from the re-purpose category but there were somethings I could not bring myself to give away due to the sentimental value … Here are some tips to follow.

4.  21 Day Fix.

As you all may know I’ve gotten more than halfway through the 21 day fix challenge before but now I’m determined to complete it.  This week I’m doing a mini detox by cutting out bad carbs and the excess sugar I’ve been eating post Diwali and Halloween and have started doing the workouts nightly. I will start the 21 day fix on Sunday – I know I’m setting myself up for disaster because I already have multiple Thanksgiving Dinners lined up :-O Wish me luck!

5.  Arijit Singh.

Recently obsessed with Arijit Singh all over again if you’ve been following my on snap chat.  Our wedding song was Tum Hi Ho but check out these songs – they’ve been on repeat on our car rides and decluttering sessions at home.  Soch na Sake, Channa Meraya, Itni Si Baat Hai, and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

6.  Indian Fashion.

Sometimes I wish I could have a wedding every year (to my hubby of course) – can we take a moment to look at Manish Malhotra’s latest festive collection.  

7.  Speaking of Desi Fashion – 

Here are a few of my recent desi outfit of the day {OOTD} that I never got a chance to write up a full blog post about.  It’s so much fun using statement pieces with multiple outfits.                                             

This outfit also has a chooridaar pajami if I ever decided to not wear the skirt.  Love multi-functional everything. & I ALWAYS come for cake. 

This lace jacket was a part of another outfit (I designed this out of an old Sari of my moms - made into a beautiful lengha and choli with this lace jacket over) but I have not found a formal enough occasion to wear a lengha to recently and so I used the inner-shirt and pajami of another outfit... the color matched my shoes and popped against the lace jacket beautifully! 

So many Indian designers are fusing traditional desi clothing with the western styles.  I paired this brocade asymmetrical jacket with a lace jumpsuit (great find at Marshalls last summer!) I paired this look with my polki necklace - which is an absolute obsession of mine right now. It is the perfect statement necklace - if I could wear everyday I would.  Disclaimer : statement necklaces are life especially ones this beautiful * thank you hubbs! 

& That's a wrap lovelies.
|| Happiness Never Goes Out of Style ||

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