Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

My Fall Project: Dining Room Update

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies.  Hope you all had a great day filled with tons of food and love.  I am forever thankful for the food on the table but more so for those who surround it.  After a massive thanksgiving day lunch I sit here writing with the last piece of left over pie. NOMS.  Much love to all my family, friends, and you :)   

A little over two and half years ago when my (at the time to-be-) husband and I were shopping for furnishings for our apartment, thought it would be a great idea to keep our place somewhat modern and go for a high top table and bar stools as a dining room set.  Our main living space is somewhat open to the dining room but has a completely closed off kitchen which leaves the dining space feeling extra tight.  The high top table looked great but really served no purpose.  It literally became a catch all for basically anything that walked through the door.  I can count the number of times hubby and I actually ate a meal there on one hand.  Hosting was a whole other issue in itself.  I’d use the table to lay out beautiful spreads but everyone would sit in awkward positions around my low coffee table or would try to balance their plate and glass while standing around – all in all it just didn’t work the way I had wanted it too. 

Here are some before shots, although I do miss the spreads I’ve done in the past, I hope to have prettier and tastier ones on my new table.  What purpose did those beautiful spreads serve when everyone wasn’t seated comfortably or together? 

Mother's Day Spread
Birthday Tea Party

 We gave away our table and barstools; hopefully they can get more use out of it as they’ll be using it in a different manner.  I found our new table at West Elm. Got tons of criticism and questions as to why I only purchased the table and not chairs.  I want to emphasize that our dining space is really limited, the table takes up a huge chunk of the space and I didn’t want to tie myself down to more chairs. I decided to repurpose my entry way/ additional seating chairs as our head dining room chairs.  They were from Home Goods and a great buy {est. $200 each as compared to the chairs at pottery barn and west elm costing $400 on sale and upwards} Commitment phobia much?! But realistically why spend an excess of money on extra chairs that I may use once every so often.  

I love these chairs more than my right kidney...
Now you’re probably thinking I didn’t exactly help my hosting/ guest accommodation situation but I did. We decided to go with these foldable chairs from IKEA and these seat cushions for comfort but also to easily store away once the guests have left. We decided on 4 foldable chairs for now, costing less than $15 each with the cushion; and can always be multifunctional as well.  Check convenience box here. 

I did however use all that saved money on a new fall work wardrobe -- smart savings if you ask me [hubby rolling his eyes right now]

My thought process at the time of purchase was that the brown/nude tones would match any décor pattern I decided to go with but ultimately I ended up going with white, black, grays, and some sort of pop of color (started off with turquoise/teal but now obsessed with yellow).  I mention this because I like the flow of my décor to carry throughout the main living space.  Once the dining table came home and daylight savings happened (to ruin my life) I felt like I needed an update to the entire space and all the summery white just felt like it didn’t belong even though I had hoped to keep summer alive forever… tears.  These gray curtains were a mere $15 per panel and add a high end feel to the space. Here's your first glimpse at our new and improved dining area.

This is what it looked like the first night
Wait for it ...
:: TaDa ::

Hope you enjoyed my little renovation fall project and had an aamazzingg Thanksgiving. Here's my the only picture I got of my spread from lunch today.  

& thats a wrap loves. Have a fabulous Black Friday & Weekend!
|| Happiness Never Goes Out of Style ||

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