Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

TimeOut Friday!

Guys !! I totally forgot to post this on Tuesday.  I've been swamped with work deadlines this week and have barely had a good nights sleep butttt its FriYAY and it's finally time for this Mrs. to enjoy her weekend!

1.  Sabyasachi!
First Pottery Barn and now with Christian Louboutin.  I can't get enough of Sabyasachi!! Kind of sad my items at Pottery Barn are still on back order and haven't shipped yet.

Kind of wish I was a fashionable dude right now.....

2.  Marriage.
Married for 2.5 years and I wish I had the right words to express my feelings and experiences ... until I can check out this article ...

3.  Hold the phone - Is Thanksgiving reeally next week?! Are you ready for your celebrations? 

4.  Obsessing over this pastel Thanksgiving Table.

5.  Someones trash is another's treasure.  
Referring back to my previous Timeout post - I finally finished de-cluttering my tiny home.  I had no idea how much junk I actually accumulated until I filled my entire car with charitable items this Sunday. I'm sure I can use another round of de-cluttering once spring rolls around. But for now I hope someone else's holiday season is brightened with my brand new clothing and home essentials donation.  

6.  Upcoming blog posts.
  • I mentioned previously I took on a fall project to re-do our dining room and that should be completed this weekend. Stay tuned for a full blog post on the deets.  One more trip to HomeGoods should do the trick. 
  • Ladies (and Gentlemen) if you follow me on snapchat (high five if you do) you know an Air Fryer has recently made home for itself on my kitchen counter.  Once I've made a variety of dishes, (I've been pretty repetitive thus far)  I'll do a full on review but let me give away the suspense by saying I absolutely LOVE it. 
7.  Fashion Haul
So we all know how excited I am for black Friday sales but I think I hit the mall at the right time this past Saturday where there were still some great Veteran's Day sales. 
  • Victoria's Secret had bras on sale for $14.99! 
  • Nordstrom Rack had an additional 25% off their clearance racks! Cannot wait to start rocking my new outfits. 
  • The limited had 60% off the entire store and an addition 70% off final sale items. Literally paid single digits for some awesome pieces that may not be for the upcoming winter but some great pieces I can either layer or save till spring rolls around.  This girl never says no to a bargain!
  • Bare minerals had their friends and family sale (20%) off. I stocked up on my favoritest foundation ever and picked up a few matte lipsticks... obsessing with this color right now.
8.  About to invest in some good skin care products - please leave me some suggestions! I have had super oily acne-prone skin my entire life.  Over the past couple of years the acne has subsided on its own with a random outburst every now and then but rare.  *Thank Heavens* I think the bare minerals foundation has done wonders for my skin.  But for the last couple of months I've seen my skin become un-flawless - patches of dry skin as well as skin pigmentation.  Thinking about trying some of these out - if you've tried them I'd love to hear your review of if you have any other suggestions..
9.  Dinner this week...
 Had taco night this week | Home made shredded chicken and spicy corn; guacamole and pico from Trader Joes. Satisfied so many cravings! 

10.  Flashback Friday.
Our one year anniversary photo shoot in Central Park. Are we really coming up on 3 years?! AH! 

& thats a wrap loves. Have a fabulous Friday & Weekend!
|| Happiness Never Goes Out of Style ||

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