Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

21 Day Fix - Update

I actually started writing this post on day 10 of 21.  Unfortunately, right before I was ready to post it - I started feeling terribly sick... So yes... I'm really sad to say that I wasn't able to get through my first round of the 21 Day fix.  So there are no before and after pictures or numbers for me to share with you... but I would like to share my week 1 experience for those interested... Once I'm no longer coughing up my lungs I plan on starting another round of the 21 day fix.
Let me start out by restating (from my previous post) that the containers do not by any way decrease the amount of food you can consume (at least for me) it just cuts you off of all the bad carbs - I actually struggled with meeting my daily protein requirement and found myself too full to eat at some points through out the day.

Here is my meal plan from the first week : { I'm posting this after the fact because I knew I'd change things around to add some new flavors through out the week and that I honestly would not be able to consume everything I planned out}

Note : The last Snack column was questionable because I kept it for days I thought I'd feel hungry but I really just munched on fruit after my workouts or used the fruit to replace dessert. 
BTWs - did you know cherries are supposed to be great for muscle soreness? { So terribly sad summer is almost coming to an end - dear mangoes and cherries you will be missed </3 }

If you follow me on snap-chat you'd know I was busy with three wedding events and will be again this weekend (hoping I'm feeling better). Last weekend, I tried to eat before arriving to the events because if you've ever been to a desi (Indian/Pakistani/Bengali) wedding you'd there really no such thing as a "healthy/lighter portion option" I had a couple pieces of the tandoori chicken served as appetizers as my dinner.  Since I didn't eat all of my alloted containers - Saturday night I split a piece of wedding cake with my hubby as my cheat meal. Totally worth it!
Although I stopped a third or so of the way through due to a terrible throat infection - I felt like a whole new person the entire week.  I had muscle soreness that made it impossible to sit and stand but it was so worth it because I knew it was working and I was hopeful to see results.  The workouts are only 30 minutes but they really kick your butt.  I can't wait to get started again. 
I didn't let myself step on a scale so I 'm not sure if there was really any actual weight loss but I felt lighter, less bloated, and my clothes did fit looser than they did before I started the program. I apologize for not having a drastic before and after picture for y'all but I hope to get back on the program and show you guys just that!  Keep me in your prayers for a quick recovery.  Being sick during the summer is the absolute worst.  

xo || Happiness Never Goes Out of Style || xo

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