Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

My Favorite Nail Polish

If you know me - you know I am obsessed with my nails always being done. When I was younger it was my my favorite pass-time, paint my nails and then paint them again two days later, because we all know how long manis actually last ... When I started college I had little time to sit down and do my nails and as I entered my professional career I started getting my nails done.  I loved it, it was the best way to have some me time... and it still is my favorite thing to do ever - There's no better way to destress than on a pedicure chair with your feet dipped in warm water.

Ever since I've gotten married - I've taken my gels off and gotten them done again numerous times.  No matter how much you spend on "the best gels" they just aren't resistant to household chores and dishes.  And so I try just not to do the dishes but its inevitable haha. So today, I do not have gels. I've been painting my own nails for the past two weeks and have suddenly fallen in love with DIY manicures all over again.

For the past year or so I've found myself always getting some sort of nude. But who am I kidding? What color nude are we talking about? The Nude-Nude, the taupe nude? the mauve nude? the pink nude ? Believe me when I say it has taken me so many tries to finally find the right colors for me.  When picking your go-to-everyday-nail color you must take your skin-tone and undertones into consideration.  I always find that any manicure can be the cherry on my "ootd" cake but not if the color clashes!

And the past three times I've gone to get my nails done - it was the same color.  I'm a little obsessed to say the least.  Let me quickly explain - I've recently splurged on a pair of shoes that I've been obsessing over for at least the last two years.  This color isn't nude ..its the perfect blush pink color. { Also, now I need the matching bag hehe }  And now I have the perfect nail color to match my shoes.  I'm a happy girl.  

OPI has been my go to brand for nail polishes for ages.  OPI has probably been the most durable nail polishes I own in terms of lasting the longest.  It was manicure Monday last week and although very slightly chipped this manicure has lasted over 8 days! They also have a great color selection and always gives a rich color quality.  

Okay this post has become much longer than I planned for it to be.. Here are my two favorite , go to nude -ish colored nail polishes. Apologies! Both colors look almost identical in these pictures but scroll all way to the bottom for a swatch.  

OPI - Samoan Sand
I've had this for a few years now, Its the perfect nude color for my skin tone and has tons of warm hues.  My hands are slightly darker/ more tan than the rest of my body and face. I blame it on all the UV I've exposed them to in the process of getting my nails done professionally. Again always consider your undertones and what hues any nail color accents or clashes with!

OPI - Tiramisu for two 

If you don't know this already because I've mentioned it 12 times in this post - I'm obsessed with blush pink and this fits into my daily manicure needs perfectly. Even though fall is right around the corner. I'm probably going to be wearing this color all season because we all know I love summery even though this color has cooler undertones, it compliments my skin well!

The only downside is that this nail polish color comes out slightly different than the gel version of it that I get at the salons... I'm debating whether I should go back to getting my nails done (because lets face it - after taking my gels off my real nails are suffering terribly. I'm never going to get the stiletto nail shape with these weakling nails of mine.  I will end up going back to getting my nails done professionally I'm sure - it's just a matter of when. 

Try these out let me know what you think! What's your favorite go-to nail color? Comment Below!

PS - this is post is 100% my opinion and I'm just sharing my personal obsessions with you.  This is not in anyway sponsored.  

Manicure Monday turned Tuesday || Have a Fabulous Week
xo || Happiness Never Goes Out of Style || xo

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